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Thursday, 17 August 2017 - We have sophisticated proprietary systems that defend our network and protect the service for legitimate customers like you. eVestigator® Simon Smith - is a master practicing Cyber Security Expert with over 21 years of practicing experience and Automated Intelligence Software Engineering as well as a Forensic Investigations, Lecturing and Expert Witness Specialist who has this site monitored more than Area 51 some would say. Criminal activity has and will be prosecuted by criminal hackers. Innocent customers who accidently land on this page are encouraged to contact us, or turn off their VPN. The reason why this page is shown is because either a VPN, Proxy, or TOR may have been used, XSS may have been detected, or a country not supported may have been used to access the site - as well as other secret measures suspicious activity techniques developed by Mr. Smith. That does not mean you have done anything, wrong, it means it could be a false positive, and you may even have a VPN or proxy running that you don't even know about, so we encourage you to contact him above.

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Simon Smith is Australia's most experienced leading Cybersecurity Expert. He has been called the "World's Best Investigator" by Ken Hess's Security Now. He is e-safety Australian Ambassador. He is a world renown expert - and has exposed over 400 cybercriminals to the world. Experienced in Cybercrime, Cyberstalking, Cyberhacking, Cyberscammers, Mitigation, Counter Intelligence, Expert Evidence, Court Appearances, Hidden Identities, Assisting Police, Government Investigations, White Collar Fraud, he is capable of detecting and defending Cybercrime in today's digital world.

He is well known to the public, has been interviewed live on Sky TV and plenty of times on Australian local TV -

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Simon Smith - +61 0410 643 121 -

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